Watch Warm Bodies Online Free (2013) or Download Warm Bodies Movie Now : In the sea of zombie strips can be found in recent years also representatives of the genre that mixed in with the horror scenes a real touch of rom-com. Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland told to bloody amusing way a love story between the living, the less known Wasting Away dared you look even further and showed the love story of two undead. With Warm Bodies The following is a Rome-Zom-Com, which mixes these two forms. Love between a living and the undead? The idea may sound disgusting, but was associated with a lot of charm to the screen. ( Watch Warm Bodies Online ) Anyone who thinks cynical Hollywood wanted here simply to the Twilight jump-of successes and repeat the same pattern in a slightly altered form, may incidentally breathe easy: Not only is Isaac Marion's underlying novel to class better than the vampire Pfupf by Stephenie Meyer; fortunately takes The film also never too seriously. Allusions to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, although unmistakable, director Jonathan Levine circumnavigated the dangers of a prohibited on epic trimmed and boring implemented flirtation but brilliantly. Warm Bodies shows likeable characters, a pair of lovers whose coming together drifts never in the trash area, and does even something thoughtful when the zombie existence parallels to inability to communicate our time are drawn. The main ingredient of the romantic horror passport is humor.

Download Warm Bodies Movie Free (2013) or Watch Warm Bodies Online Now : In addition to the great, often ironic use of music (to hear Bob Dylan among others, Scorpions and more recent indie bands) provide especially in the first half film Rs great voice over comments for lots of laughs. Young star Nicholas Hoult manages the difficult balance between humor (thought) home and the grunting, communicative very limited Zombie page perfectly. The latter could easily drift into embarrassingly exaggerated, although it as a zombie only limited means of expression available, he plays wonderfully sympathetic R-naive, so that the viewers heart beats sometime soon for the zombies. ( Download Warm Bodies Movie ) Teresa Palmer as Julie can not quite keep up, as a strong young woman, she overhauled the usual rom-com queens but loose. The initial high level of the film can not stop until the end. Despite some funny scenes with Rob Zombie Corddrys M takes the gag from density in the second half of film. Even the special effects are not as great as we would have liked, and the final resolution of all this is something really simple fall. Nevertheless, the film is not only absolutely for fans of the genre worth and provides a welcome change from the anemic rom-com-average food. Warm Bodies is a wonderful "other" love story that will remain particularly by great sayings and the ravishing actor in mind. Namely the plays undead dead sexy!

Watch Warm Bodies Online Free (2013) or Download Warm Bodies Movie Now : The film is based on the eponymous debut novel by Isaac Marion (German title of the first edition: "My pale friend"), who was of evil tongues derided as zombie edition of the Twilight books and characteristically considered among others by Stephenie Meyer with praise. The comparison is not least supported by the studio behind the film adaptation, because after all, the Summit produced five previous "Twilight" films. Quite as painful as the love stories of Bella and Edward, it goes in "Warm Bodies" but then not. ( Watch Warm Bodies Online ) Although regrets R (Nicholas Hoult, "X-Men: First Class"), who can only remember the first letter of his name, his undead state, more than ever, as he the confident Julie (Teresa Palmer, "I Am Number Four "know) learns. But the differences between the two will largely go R with laconic humor. The adjustment process of the film revolves around also: Where Bella to meet a happy love only a vampire needs to be allowed to retain their humanity Julie and instead fight for the acceptance of their place gradually back to life zombie Casanovas. In the sealed-off by a gigantic walled city namely General Grigio (John Malkovich) is in command - and that is not only Julie's father, but also the toughest opponent of zombie plague.

Download Warm Bodies Movie Free (2013) or Watch Warm Bodies Online Now : The undead romp outside the walls, and are, if that is misleading, very greedy. In keeping with the range used repeatedly as a reference inevitably "... of the Dead" films of George A. Romero zombie Godfather they have people to hunt and feast on. And someday even the physical decay leads to transformation into a skeleton, which is curiously more dangerous and non responsive. This modification to the zombie myth is not without its charm, especially since the film with his antihero R also established a counter-type in the genre. Even more than Bob, the adaptive zombie from Romero's "Day of the Dead," R has strong feelings that make him reflect on his condition and can even self-control to not even to nibble a piece of the adored Julie. ( Download Warm Bodies Movie ) In quite witty voice overs R Us also stated that about the slow sway as undead can be a real burden. There are some who say that the zombie genre has burnt itself out, with too many iterations, too much of the same, over and over again. Much like vampires, it feels like there is only so much Hollywood can do — and so much that we, as viewers, can bear — before the genre begins to (natch) eat itself and cease to maintain any kind of effectiveness. Once that happens, we’re stuck with milquetoast variations, teeth-grindingly painful takes on the genre that inevitably will reduce it to getting the Twilight treatment. Zombies are no longer a part of the underground, no more the genre of midnight horror marathons where we winnow away our hours debating the worthiness of Savini’s Night of the Living Dead remake, or the sad state of Romero’s Dead series, or the merits of Fulci’s works. They’re mainstream as hell, with a TV show and everything, and there’s pretty much no tale left to tell.

Watch Warm Bodies Online Free (2013) or Download Warm Bodies Movie Now : Enter Jonathan Levine’s Warm Bodies. Based on the debut novel by Isaac Marion and directed by Levine (The Wackness, 50/50), Warm Bodies feels at first glance like the zombie version of Twilight, if such an abomination were possible. It stars Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class, “Skins”) as, well, a zombie. After an unspecified holocaust reduces the majority of the world to ravenous, roaming undead, Hoult’s character is the one somewhat self-aware zombie. Though he’s still a shambling, groaning husk, there’s a quiet, wistful voice in his head (represented by a charmingly self-effacing voiceover narration) that tells him that he used to be something more, that there is more out there than this dull, flesh-devouring grind of wandering through the airport in a listless hunger. ( Watch Warm Bodies Online ) Enter Julie (Teresa Palmer), one of the remaining survivors living in a walled-off enclave/stronghold in the heart of the city. She and a team of others are sent on a mission to forage for supplies when they are overrun by a swarm of undead, one of which is Hoult’s character. Despite killing and devouring the brain of her boyfriend, he still makes the curious split-second decision to not only spare her, but to save her as well. From there, the film wanders through a strange, burgeoning relationship between Julie and her lurching savior as she slowly warms (heh) to him, while he also slowly begins to feel less, well, dead.

Download Warm Bodies Movie Free (2013) or Watch Warm Bodies Online Now : That’s the central conceit of the film, in essence — that the undead can possibly be rendered back to life through warmth and affection and yes, possibly even love. It’s an odd new take on the genre, and for the most part Warm Bodies works, delightfully so. The main source of joy in the film comes from Hoult, dubbed simply “R” by Julie. Hoult gives a performance that is at once charming and subdued, clever without feeling glib, and gives the viewer the curiously genuine interest in rooting for the undead. His performance is a tricky one — a dryly humorous voice over provides the majority of his more overt character development, as he narrates his fascination with the living, and Julie specifically. ( Download Warm Bodies Movie ) Meanwhile, his physical performance is equally intriguing. As R evolves, if that’s the right word, his physicality is slowly changed as well. While he’s clearly separated from the other zombies by a notable alertness and liveliness in his eyes, he’s still a grayed-out, stumbling mess, covered in wounds and lacking basic coordination. As he begins to re-learn his lost humanity, he gradually begins to regain some of the more basic functions, moving towards increased physical, mental, and emotional complexity. Hoult manages to convey a sweet, warm performance that’s equal parts charming befuddlement and terrible frustration, peppered with a wan loneliness and fear of returning to what he was — because what he was was never a life worth living.

Watch Warm Bodies Online Free (2013) or Download Warm Bodies Movie Now : The film begins to fold in on itself towards the end, lobbing metaphors at you like grenades in wholly unnecessary fashion. It’s plain to see that it’s a film about change and love and all those adorable things, and it manages to mostly deliver that message with a goofy, self-aware sweetness that makes it easy to see that this came from the man who gave us the wonderful 50/50. But while that film allowed its thematic elements to unfold organically, Warm Bodies occasionally takes a blunt force approach that is at times aggravatingly on-the-nose. ( Watch Warm Bodies Online ) Yet that shouldn’t be cause to avoid the film, because overall it’s an absorbing bit of romantic candy that still manages to avoid being too precious or treacly. That’s due to some mostly solid writing (although from my understanding it veers away from the novel in many ways) and wonderful directing, and a pair of strong performances from the leads who seem to fall easily into their very peculiar roles. In the end, Warm Bodies is a mildly flawed film, but there’s enough charm and excitement and yes, even a healthy dose of action and gore thrown in for good measure to make a genuinely unique vision, proving that yes, there is indeed love after the zombie apocalypse.

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